Welcome to my blog. Hope you will all like my short stories.


  • The Unknown
    Alarms ringing. It’s time to wake up. I look at the clock its almost six in the morning. I’ve an hour for work. The water is cold for shower.Vehicles beeping. Children rushing for school bus and people going for work. I’ve only got half an hour to dress and brush my hair. I open theContinue reading “The Unknown”
  • The Unexpected Picture
    It was a half moon night. The dry leaves dancing for the wind, the wolf hounding.As the night grew darker, the wind blew harder. The branches dancing for the wind. As I was admiring the nature I felt asleep. I was always praying for God to help me in every bad situation. To help meContinue reading “The Unexpected Picture”
  • The Lost Life
    The early risers chirping. The day dawned crisp and clear. The light seeped peeking through the clouds.Golden rays and eyes of hope. Jane excited for the first day of his college. Gets ready contentedly, brushing his hair. His mother preparing food and packing his lunch bag. Walks along the street with his backpack enjoying theContinue reading “The Lost Life”
  • Long Goodbye
    The sun seemed brighter and the air smelled of happiness and fun. It was just after our tuition. My friend and I were running to the play ground at the college with our backpacks.Placed our bags on the green grass and are ready for the play. Emil had the ball on his hand and IContinue reading “Long Goodbye”
  • Waiting Forever
    It was a hectic day with people moving over. A man standing wearing a red cap holding a newspaper on his hand. Skin burning. Two of the school children waiting for the bus as they depart from school carrying a heavy bag which has their future. People rushing for the bus fed up with theContinue reading “Waiting Forever”